Our People

Every team requires leaders, and our partners and project management team are some of the most qualified individuals when it comes to organizing, implementing and overseeing your project.

Scott D. Roser, PE


Barry Hoyle, LS

Vice President

Toby Wilson

Vice President

Stephen E. Crum, PE

Vice President

Patrick G. La Vay, PE

Vice President

David Post, PLA

Vice President

Steven L. Wilde

Manager of Water Resources Group

Kevin J. Miller

Survey Manager

Brian J. Donnelly, PLA

Senior Project Manager

R. Adam Rufe

Senior Project Manager

David A. Crowe

Project Manager

Ken Jones, PE

Project Manager

Dylan C. Macro, CDT

Project Manager

Colleen E. Bowers, PLA

Landscape Architect

Robert L. Banzhoff, Jr., MD PROP LS

Property Line Surveyor

Kyle J. Hughes, PE

Senior Engineer

Wayne F. Aubertin, LS

Licensed Land Surveyor

Joy F. Butler

Human Resources & Accounting Manager

Anne C. Bialik

Billing Manager