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Ms. Bialik joined MHG in 2013 to oversee the transition of their accounting system to the Ajera accounting platform.  Anne’s diligent oversight lead to a highly successful new billing and collections process.  As the new system brought new efficiencies, Anne developed new skill sets, she learned to use AutoCAD to begin a 2 year project, creating a map of all MHG projects in Montgomery County that overlays onto an aerial map of the county.  She also uses AutoCAD to create Vicinity Maps and other basic drawings.  In an effort that is dear to her heart, Anne is the MHG Recycling Ambassador, attending the Montgomery County Recycling program each spring so she can bring back to MHG new ideas to become better stewards of our property and environment.

    MHG supports local association groups and their events in our area, currently we are sponsoring: CREW Maryland Suburban, Sponsor Frederick County Building Industry Association, Premier Club Member Maryland Building Industry Association, Stars Club Member
    Home Builders Care Foundation Ronald McDonald House, Washington, DC Warrior Canine Connection Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, Gala Event
    DESIGN AWARDS: Holy Cross Hospital Germantown (2016 Design Excellence Jury Citation) The Crest at Congressional Plaza (2016 Design Excellence Jury Citation) Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard (2016 Design Excellence Jury Citation) Somerset Elementary School (2016 Design Excellence Jury Citation) SURVEYORS COMPETITION: The survey department at MHG has earned 95 awards since from 1981 to 2016, including plat design competition placements awarded by the Maryland Society of Land Surveyors and the National Society of Professional Surveyors. Congratulations to Kevin and Dave on our survey team for being the recipients of the 2016 Maryland Society of Surveyors President’s Award. FIRM AWARDS: MBIA Associate of the Year Award, 2005 MBIA Associate of the Year Award, 2008 MBIA Environmental Award, Land Development, 2011
    MHG frequently hosts social events for the employees and their families which include spring and fall golf outings, deck parties, family picnics, holiday celebrations, and happy hours. At MHG we encourage our team members to strengthen their personal and professional relationships both within the company and with other organizations.
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