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Holy Cross Germantown Hospital complex is Montgomery County’s first new hospital in 35 years; it is also the first hospital in the nation to be located on an existing community college campus. MHG was chosen by SmithGroup for the design team to collaborate on the design and construction of the hospital, medical office building and parking garage for this Germantown campus.

The comprehensive goal for the entire development is to provide a nurturing environment that focuses on the patient’s care and recovery. MHG’s solution translates into a gardenesque approach to the overall site and landscape. The sites natural features were preserved while complementing them with native plantings, wildflower meadows, and environmentally sustainable features like rain gardens and green roofs. The simplicity of the access and circulation provides clarity to both emergency and daily users. Parking, grading, and stormwater management are integrated into the surroundings in a manner that made traditionally negative impacts become features of the site. By providing large bio-retention facilities throughout the parking lot, these spaces could also provide refuge for pedestrians. This complex also includes three enclosed garden “rooms” as therapeutic environments for the patients and staff. Each space aims to enrich the patient’s well-being and support Holy Cross Hospital’s mission to enhance patient recovery through holistic health care.


Architect/Planner: Smithgroup

LEED-NC-Gold, this project achieved LEED for New Construction & Major Renovations


18.5 acres

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